'I have experienced Diana as a wonderful and passionate teacher who taught my daughter (14) and my son (16) for four years. They gained confidence and excelled their own expectations. Diana has a gentle and fun way to engage with students and her lessons are a real joy. We have lived in different countries and experienced different teachers. But Diana is by far the best!' 

                                                        Iris Hammers

´We are so happy we found you Diana, Zorka loves learning to play the piano with you, she even likes practising, she´s very happy on ´piano-days´she likes you a lot, and she´s progressing so fast as I never would have imagined before. Thank you a lot!! 

        Melinda Agardy

        (Zorka´s mum)


´I have been taking my (7 year old ) twins to Diana for just over a year and they have not only fallen in love with music and the piano but Diana too! She has a great understanding of teaching children, making it fun but in a very structured way. They throughly enjoy their lessons and are now reading music and playing with both hands - I am delighted too! 


´I love learning to play the piano with Diana, as she makes it so easy to follow and understand. She is very kind, the piano lessons are so much fun and I love the pieces she gives me to practise!´


     Zorka  (9 years old)

´Sometimes I take my students to amazing Concerts´